" I can not recommend Mobile Thermographic Imaging enough. They are amazingly caring, and genuine. They truly go above and beyond. When I had to use another screening company due to extenuating circumstances this past year, an area of concern showed up on ultrasound. My first call was to MTI, and they immediately went into action to comfort me, and help me move forward.  Janique flooded me with information and resources for me to look through that may help me. They did not have to do this, but they really do care about their patients. After a biopsy, the finding turned out to be benign, but the fact that they went to such lengths to support me was unforgettable. Their support was so comforting during a scary time. I recommend MTI to anyone! They truly care about you!" ~ L.L.

"Thank you!  Wow I didn't expect to get my results so quickly.  This is great!  It was a pleasure working with your technician.  She was so nice and professional.  I have spread the word to my friends and family about how this screening has made it possible to get the proper treatment for my medical conditions.  Before the scan, no one would really take me seriously or listen.  Now they have referred me to the proper doctors to begin treatment for my conditions.  Thanks SO MUCH!" ~ J. Turner

"This past year I was educated on Mobile Thermographic Imaging by a friend of mine.  I wanted to not have my body X-rayed yearly if I could help it.  So I decided to first have the thermographic breast scan and three months later decided to go for the whole body scan instead of just having the three month breast scan follow up.  When I received the results from my body scan, I noticed there was a recommendation for me to have a thyroid ultrasonography.  Additionally I read in the results that I had quite a bit of inflammation in different areas of my body. That was an explanation of why I was having back issues.  My PCP ordered Rheumatoid Arthritis blood work to be done and an ultrasound on my thyroid.   As a result of further testing by ultrasound, I learned I have a small nodule on my thyroid they are going to recheck yearly to be safe...right now it's too small to be worried about they said.  I also learned from the blood work that I tested slightly elevated for RA Factor, but not the other RA tests.  Even though I wasn't diagnosed with RA, I saw a Rheumatologist and he wants to keep an eye on me and so I will get rechecked in six months.  As a result of the blood work findings that were done, I decided to alter my diet (Auto Immune Paleo) and started weekly Yoga and Water Aerobics classes.  I plan on making SURE that my proactive steps to help me avoid RA will be a lifestyle change for me for the rest of my life. Since taking this step, I have dropped my overall total cholesterol from 276 to 215 in less than three months and I have lost 17 "needed to lose pounds". Having my body scan and learning the results were a wake up call for me...and I'm a BIG-BELIEVER in Thermographic Imaging now.  Without my body scan I had on 8/30/17, my thyroid issue and inflammation wouldn't have been on my PCPs radar, as in my physical I had last year with him, neither were detected.  I see this as a second chance of getting my health and life ON TRACK!  You gave me the advanced warning early enough to help guide me in changing the course of my future health.  Thank you MTI!" Sincerely, Catherine C.


"Felt like I was in great hands!  The technicians were fantastic and I will definitely be referring others to you!" ~ L.M.


"Excellent service and I felt right at home as a first timer!  Also was informed of what to expect with thermography since it was new to me." ~ H.P.

"Loved the sweet girl who did our scan - she was so caring & compassionate. She made us feel very comfortable!" ~ Casey

"The technician was very friendly and nice to talk to during what can be an uncomfortable appt. It's never uncomfortable with you guys though :-) "~ L.W.

"A visit to your testing site (Midtown) was like going to a medical spa. So relaxing, kind, personal, reassuring. I will look forward to my next visit!" ~ Paula

"Emily is a sweetheart and very professional at the same time! Nice combination. Thank you!" ~ Patricia

"I made an appointment with Dr. Hale with Cherokee Women’s Health.  She was great!  She read through the scan results and ordered blood work where needed to rule out other issues - thyroid and CRP tests.  She recommended specific supplements to help with issues stated on the results report.  She even gave specific supplement brands recommendations - I was very excited about that.  It can be so intimidating try to select the right brand.  I was very pleased with my entire experience.  And she also recommended Dr. V’s book, too. Thanks so much!!" ~ Nikki