Full Body Thermography

Thermography has many applications for full body imaging such as the detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries by showing thermal abnormalities. Thermography can help to visualize the pain when other tests fail to find the cause. Full body imaging may provide you with new health information and/or help confirm illnesses you may be dealing with. It's an excellent first screening step that may help you decide if further investigation or treatments may be warranted.

Autonomic patterns are normally hypothermic and can relate to organ dysfunction like this Coronary Artery Disease.

Difficult to diagnose TMJ  syndromes can be assessed to show the combined effects of inflammation as well as neurological dysfunction.

This phlebitis was not detected by other tests. Vascular pain and inflammation can be graphically shown with Meditherm DITI.

The muscular and myofacial inflammation of Fibromyalgia can be objectively and accurately documented and monitored.