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Mobile Thermographic Imaging

Certified Clinical Thermographers

Our Story

Janique and Angelique began working together in 2002 at Janique's mother's holistic wellness clinic.  After being certified as clinical thermographers in 2005 through Meditherm, a highly respected worldwide leader in Thermal Imaging, they were one of the first to offer thermography on the south side of Atlanta. When Janique's mother developed breast cancer in 2006, thermography was the method used not only to detect the disease but also to monitor the activity of the breast cancer. We are happy to say she has since made a full recovery. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, fondly known as Dr. V, has gone on to help thousands of women seeking holistic methods in preventing breast cancer and has appeared in the "The Truth About Cancer" series.  You can visit her website for her story. 


Due to this very personal experience, thermography and breast health became even more of a passion and they wanted to bring this life saving technology to as many women as possible.


By starting Mobile Thermographic Imaging in 2010 and adding other outstanding technicians to the team, they are quickly reaching this goal. At MTI, we pride ourselves in making sure that your experience with us exceeds your expectations, is informative and of course comfortable.

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